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How much will shipping be? 

FREE shipping anywhere within the USA.

All other Countries:

Our fulfillment partners are some of the largest in the world, meaning we are able to take advantage of deep shipping discounts. To keep costs low and to avoid duties for our customers, we've arranged the following:

Standard, low-cost shipping will be charged closer to delivery, meaning you won't pay shipping charges now when you preorder Elo.

Canadian Customers - Standard: Elo will be shipping from within Canada.

European Customers - Standard: Elo will be shipping from within the EU.

International Customers - We will make every effort to keep shipping costs low. Additional fees may apply depending on where you are in the world.


How does the Payment Plan work?

The first installment is charged when you place your order. Installments are charged every 2 weeks after the initial charge until 4 payments have been made. Your order is fully confirmed when you pay the first installment and enters our production queue. 


How does Elo work?

Elo plugs into a standard power outlet. You can select from 3 target temperature levels. Keep it low for warm stones that will relax and soothe, or kick it up higher to melt muscle tension. Use the Elo App (launching 2021) to customize light ring colors. Drop in essential oils to the built-in diffuser and turn your space into a relaxation sanctuary.


What makes Elo so technologically advanced?

Elo took 3 years to develop and fuses an ancient practice with modern technologies such as app-controllable ambient light rings and intelligent sensors for a professional-grade relaxation experience.


How long do stones take to heat?

We’ve designed Elo to heat up fast. Elo heats stones in just a few minutes, depending on your room’s ambient temperature.


How long do stones stay hot for?

The stones should keep their heat for up to 10 minutes depending on what temperature stones are heated to, the temperature of the body and the room temperature/humidity. Stone size also plays a role. We've worked alongside professionals to study stone shapes and rock varieties to get Elo right from the start. Elo stones are hand-shaped from volcanic basalt and are professional-grade.


How do you clean oils off the device?

To clean Elo, simply wipe down with the included microfiber cloth and light detergent diluted in water or a natural all-purpose cleaner. You can make a small spray bottle and keep it next to Elo to ensure it always stays clean. Cleaning the stones is easy under running water and a light detergent. If you’re on the go, you can wipe them down with the included cloth and sterilize later.


Those are real stones?

Yes! After years of studying stone shapes, rock varieties, therapist preferences and the science of heat transfer, the Elo stone was born. Each Elo stone is shaped by hand from pure volcanic basalt stone that is taken from ancient lava beds. Basalt stone was chosen because of its amazing heat retention properties. Not only does it hold heat well, it's also preferred by therapists because heat is given off slowly and sustainably.


Can I get burned from the stones?

Elo’s stone pad is coated with a special layer which helps protect you from burns. Elo’s light rings also let you know when Elo is heating so that you can be careful. We know that every person has their own preference for heat. That’s why we’ve designed Elo to prepare stones at 3 different heat levels. The lowest level heats stones to about 110 F and is designed for “warm stone” massages. The higher heat levels produce hot stones at about 120 - 130 F.


How do you clean Elo?

We recommend using any natural thymol-based disinfectant, such as Seventh Generation’s disinfecting multi-surface cleaner. Thymol is a component of the botanical thyme oil, and when used as a disinfectant active ingredient, it kills 99.99% of household germs, including viruses. Disinfect Elo - Spray some thymol disinfectant into a microfiber cloth and wipe Elo's stone grooves to disinfect and renew. Microfiber absorbs oil very effectively and will help keep the surface free of oil.


Who can use Elo?

Elo can be used at home on your own, with a partner or by therapists.


Can I use Elo in another country?

Elo will support 110-120V and 220-240V depending on your preference. At this time, Elo has been developed for use in the US and Canada and is undergoing UL product certification, one of the most recognized marks in the world. Based on the funding we receive, we will be pursuing certifications for other countries, especially those in Europe. Because of the enormous cost associated with certifying in every country, we are unable to promise a specific certification for all countries at this time.


Can I use this on my own?

Yes! We made it easy to use Elo on your own. Simply place the stones down on the included silicone stone placement mat and lie overtop of your stones. You can target almost any muscle group with the help of the included placement guide.


How hot do the stones get?

The stones can be set to 3 target temperature levels: Low, Med, High. These range from 110F - 130F.


What is the warranty?

Elo is built to last from high quality materials and comes with a full 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.


How does the app work?

Use the Elo App (launching 2021) to select light ring patterns that will send dusk skies soaring into your space.


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