April Update for Preorder Customers

Upgrades to Elo are now complete. Elo was recently delayed to bring you faster heating times and is now moving through the final stages ahead of Production.

Our extended team of over 40 people are working hard to bring Elo to you. Full updates below.

✅ 5 min heating time

✅ Design improvements

✅ Elo enters tooling stage

5 Min Heating Upgrade

Elo’s Patent Pending heating technology previously smashed records and now advances to our heating algorithms enable 50% faster heating from the original 10 min.

If you ordered 2 sets of stones, you can now heat ALL 14 stones within 10 minutes for even larger treatments.

Design Enhancements


Elo’s lead designer, Evan, has steered Elo's design evolution through over 30 iterations.

The final design achieves a greater emphasis on the natural beauty of the stones, bringing the visual effects of the soothing light rings into better view. Two key changes enable this:

1. Elo's top has been slightly angled forward so Elo's stones and rings can be perfectly viewed from afar and from different angles of the room. The result is a piece that invites interaction and conversation.

2. Elo's button interface has moved to the sides, out of the way so that nothing detracts from the visual experience.
We’ve received an outpour of positive response for our upgrades:

Production Updates

With upgrades complete, Elo is now in the tooling phase, getting ready for production ramp-up later this spring.

A production schedule for your Elo Preorder will be announced in May, when we exit the current phase and begin production preparation.
Thanks for your patience

Our team is grateful for your early support and patience. We're working non-stop to bring Elo to your doorstep very soon.