Our Story

Designed in our home: Vancouver, Canada

In the Pacific Northwest, raw ocean swells meet soaring mountain peaks. This was the backdrop of the 4 year development of the next generation hot stone experience. We couldn’t have asked for a more inspiring surrounds.

The spirit of the soothing, calming landscapes, beautiful sunset skies and emphasis on our relationship with nature underpins the values of our design team.

While this place is special to our core team, over 40 people from all parts of the world have been involved in bringing Elo to life, each with their own unique inspirations.



Balancing form and function

Evan is Elo’s lead designer. His Scandinavian sense of design and previous experience merging the worlds of engineering and design helped conceive of a design that sacrificed neither form, nor function.

“We drew a lot of inspiration from the smooth flowing forms of the stones themselves and tried to keep the design as minimal as possible and create an unencumbered aura of calm.”

Elo underwent more than 30 design iterations and consultations with industry professionals, including the lead massage therapists from name-brand spas and resorts in Vancouver and the US.

Evan, Elo’s lead designer



Solving precise heating, once and for all

The Patent Pending technology underlying Elo’s heating capabilities is powerful. The stone’s unique properties allowed for an elegant solution relying on high-performing sensing and Elo’s sophisticated heating algorithms.

Elo’s technology enables stones to heat consistently throughout. No other waterless system has managed to achieve this.

Currently heating in a record 10 minutes, new upgrades prior to production will see heating times reduce even further.



A volcanic stone true to its tradition

Ancient traditions deserve to be respected. That’s why preserving the natural “energy” of the stones Elo uses was extremely important to our team. After years of studying stone shapes, densities, rock varieties, therapist preferences and the science of heat transfer, the Elo stone was born.

Our volcanic basalt stones maintain their unique, natural characteristics. Shaped by hand, we achieve a perfectly consistent size and form for optimal heating and massage.

Basalt stone was chosen because of its legendary heat retention properties. Not only does it hold heat extremely well, it's also preferred by therapists because heat is given off slowly and sustainably. No other naturally occurring stone comes close.

Elo’s stone shape was designed to not only be ergonomic so it fits easily the palm of your hand, it also had to be calming to look at. The curved form complements the beauty of the pyroxene and olivine minerals which give basalt its rich, dark color.

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